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Whether your landscape just needs a check up or major surgery, The Landscape Surgeon is just what the doctor ordered! Our business has been built on referrals due to exceptional service, personal attention, and years of experience.

The Landscape Surgeon prides itself on creating a unique customized plan for you and your landscape.

Seasonal Tip

It's time to Aerate and Compost!

We are offering a fantastic Spring Special!

Let's start with an irrigation "check-up". We will come out and check your existing sprinkler system and replace up to 5 heads or valves for $105.00. A sprinkler system in good working order is a big part of the success of aeration and composting. It is important to water immediately after composting to avoid the possibility of burning your lawn.

The Landscape Surgeon will then Aerate and Compost your lawn, with prices beginning at $225.00, based on square footage. If you choose not to have us check your sprinkler system, we still will check for the location of any sprinkler heads before doing the aerating and composting.

Be the envy of your neighborhood!!!

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